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Forest Biometry, Modelling and Information Science

Proceedings of a IUFRO 4.11 conference held at the University of Greenwich, June 2001.

This conference was organised as a IUFRO 4.11 (International Union of Forest research Organisations: Statistical Methods, Mathematics, and Computing) conference.  See the Organization page for details on those who contributed to the organization and running of the conference. 

One of the aims of this conference was to provide a forum for all Forest Biometricians, (Statisticians, Mathematical & Computer modellers and Information Systems specialists) to present their work, from across the whole range of techniques, and over the wide-ranging application areas of the forest research activities of IUFRO. Further details may be found in the Introduction.  

The "Leader" page gives a welcome to IUFRO 4.11 from the Leader, Biing Guan. 

The "Editorial" gives and editorial overview of the full papers in this Proceedings, and some editorial details. 

There is  Conference Photos which may expand in future.

The papers in this Proceedings have been organized into seven main themes, which reflect the way the sessions in the conference were structured.  For details of the themes and pdf versions of the full papers presented under them may be found by following the Themes button; see also the Authors Index .  Abstracts only may be found on the Abstracts page.

The News button gives information on activities which follow on from the conference activities and this Proceedings. Information on other related IUFRO conferences is also given.



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