Numerical and Applied Mathematics Research Unit (NAMU)

NAMU Director: Professor C.-H. Lai
For further details about our work and possible services:
Tel: +44 - 20 8331 8712
Fax: +44 - 20 8331 8665

PhD positions available

No PhD position open at the moment.

Consultation and Surgery

Provides expertise in research and development work, delivers fine products tailoring to specific requirements, participates in seeking and exploiting state-of-the-art technology.

(i) Publication Involvement

(ii) Emergency Services

(iii) Technical Services

Ms N.-L. Bradshaw - Senior Lecturer
Dr Y. Fryer - Senior Lecturer
Dr E. George - Senior Lecturer
Professor C.-H. Lai - Professor of Numerical Mathematics
Dr X.-Y. Liu - Visiting Researcher
Mr A. Mann - Director of Resources
Professor A.K. Parrott - Professor of Computation, Head of Department of Mathematical Sciences
Dr K. Skindilias - Senior Lecturer in Financial Mathematics
Dr C. Walshaw - Reader in Scientific Computing

Mr F.J. Granados-Ortiz - Marie Curie Research Fellow (AeroTraNet2)
Mr Y. Hai - Researcher
Ms T.N.H. Giang Hoang - Marie Curie Research Fellow (STRIKE)
Mr N. Kokulan - Researcher

Dr N. Tian - Visiting Researcher
Professor M. Wang - Visiting Professor at Greenwich


Former members:-
Dr G.S. Djambazov, University of Greenwich.
Dr C.J. Palansuriya, University of Edinburgh.
Dr Z.-K. Wang
Dr S. Rout
Dr N.K. Frost
Dr S.L. Lai, Arden Asset Management, London.
Miss S.-M. Guo, Xiamen University, China.
Dr A. Siahaan, University of Cambridge.