Numerical and Applied Mathematics Research Unit (NAMU)

NAMU Head: Professor C.-H. Lai
For further details about our work and possible services:
Tel: +44 - 20 8331 8712
Fax: +44 - 20 8331 8665

PhD positions available

  • 1. There is currently no PhD position open with the research group.

    Dr E. George - Senior Lecturer
    Professor C.-H. Lai - Professor of Numerical Mathematics
    Professor A.K. Parrott - Professor of Computation
    Dr N.I. Ramesh - Senior Lecturer
    Dr K. Skindilias - Senior Lecturer in Financial Mathematics

    Miss S. Arife - Researcher
    Mr F.J. Granados-Ortiz - Marie Curie Research Fellow (AeroTraNet2)
    Mr Y. Hai - Researcher
    Mr S.-H. Tan - Marie Curie Research Fellow (STRIKE)
    Mr N. Kokulan - Researcher


    Affiliated Members:-
    Ms N.-L. Bradshaw - Senior Lecturer
    Dr Y. Fryer - Senior Lecturer
    Dr X.-Y. Liu, iCare Vision Tech Co Ltd, China. Visiting Research Fellow
    Mr A. Mann - Director of Greenwich Mathematics Centre
    Dr N. Tian - Visiting Research Fellow
    Dr C. Walshaw - Reader in Scientific Computing, Department of Computing and Information Science
    Professor M. Wang - Visiting Professor at University of Greenwich


    Former members:-
    Dr G.S. Djambazov, University of Greenwich.
    Dr C.J. Palansuriya, University of Edinburgh.
    Dr Z.-K. Wang
    Dr S. Rout
    Dr N.K. Frost
    Dr S.L. Lai, Arden Asset Management, London.
    Miss S.-M. Guo, Xiamen University, China.
    Dr A. Siahaan, University of Southampton.

    (ii) Emergency Services

    (iii) Technical Services